Tallmadge Good Neighbors grateful for community's support


On behalf of

Tallmadge Good Neighbors, I would like to thank all the individuals, businesses, schools, organizations and the city for all their help in 2012.

Our unit fed 1,089 families, with 1,737 adults and 1,148 children for a total of 2,885 individuals.

We helped clothe 419 families, which included 576 adults, 575 children for a total of 1,151 people.

Our dedicated volunteers donated 3,941 hours.

We appreciate the community's efforts in supporting our work, and hope for a brighter New Year for all.

I would also like to give a special shout out to our "angel" at the police department, and recognize the two gentlemen who take a vacation day to help us distribute Christmas to all our families. We are certainly blessed with a generous community and it takes a community effort to keep us going.

Candy Lorkowski,


Tallmadge Good


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