Letter: Wants snowplow blades in up position when salting streets


I want to bring

attention to a practice I observe in the wintertime on our roads here in Tallmadge and in other cities.

As I sit in my front room here at 10:22 a.m. on a Saturday morning, it is snowing lightly. I have often complained to the city street commissioner that they are not prompt in putting down salt. They know that a storm is coming and yet they wait until the roads are slippery.

But what I have to say today is that when there is no appreciable snow on the street, the big heavy snowplow blade should not be bouncing along in a down position. I am convinced that this practice is the main reason for chuckholes. The heavy blade comes down on cold blacktop and cracks it. Then water gets in and later the chunks of road come out.

I just saw a city truck go by. It is salting, thank goodness, but it is also destroying the road. Can't they keep the blade up unless there is 3 or more inches of snow accumulating?

Thomas Kever, Tallmadge

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