Tallmadge Good Neighbors grateful for community's generosity


In this day and

age one often has to look far and wide to see even a hint of God in the world.

We are so blessed in this city to have so many loving, caring people.

On behalf of Tallmadge Good Neighbors, I would like to thank the community for helping us feed 2,894 individuals and clothe 1,392 this year.

Our volunteers donated nearly 4,000 hours in 2013.

We appreciate everyone's help, and ask for their continued support.

We spent almost $25,500 on food and about $6,000 on non food expenses. Our income was about $21,000. Please help us continue to be able to feed and clothe those in need.

Whatever part community members and businesses had in assisting us -- we thank you for your generosity.

May everyone who contributed receive many more blessings for all that they have shared.

Candy Lorkowski, Chairman,

Tallmadge Good


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