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LETTER: Advises Tallmadge residents to support bond issues to take advantage of shared money from th

Published: August 21, 2016 12:00 AM

I recently

attended an informational meeting held by Citizens for Tallmadge Schools. As a relatively recent retiree along with the realization that I am now officially a senior citizen, naturally I was concerned at the direct effect the upcoming bond issues would have on my fixed income.

During introductions, one person was introduced as a "former parent." I thought about the former parent title and determined there is no such thing. We never truly quit being a parent and the associated responsibilities that come with that job. Our obligations to educate our children continue throughout their lives.

Support of our education system is also a never-ending job. In order to assist in education, our community needs strong schools. I personally believe that it is the job of parents, former parents and prospective parents to support our schools if we want to have a strong community. Citizens for Tallmadge Schools present compelling arguments regarding our aging school infrastructure and cost of rehabbing versus replacement.

Likewise, the concept of consolidation of multiple sites into a campus environment has merit and makes sense. They have done their homework. The cost is $135 per year per $100,000 of appraised value of a home. No one wants to pay additional taxes, however, this may be the best time to consider. The state of Ohio will pay $14 million toward the 45 million dollar project cost. That deal will not be available indefinitely. The fact is costs will rise if the issue is rejected and there will be raising maintenance costs on aging buildings.

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Remember, if voters reject this proposal, there is the risk of missing out on the cost sharing with the state. My wife and I will be supporting this issue and we encourage others to take a look at the facts presented by Citizens for Tallmadge Schools and lend their support.

Chuck Victor, Tallmadge

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